Jaime Winston

Filmmaker Steve Yu, who is also one of Roberts’ supporters in the film, saw a golden opportunity to shoot a doc. Yu’s approach feels honest, not preachy, and he fills in gaps between footage with his own narration.

He also films Roberts reconnecting with his kids and setting a goal, mentioned throughout the film, to get into the WWE Royal Rumble (a wrestling match that often brings nostalgic characters back to the ring). And as Roberts’ health progresses, another wrestler in dire need of cleaning up his life is brought into the picture: Scott Hall.

The scene with Roberts and Page convincing Hall to join them at the crib isn’t easily forgotten. The result is three wrestlers, who swear like sailors, sharing digs to get healthy.

If you’re a wrestling fan, the doc also features “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase, Chris Jericho and more. But you won’t need to know anything about pro wrestling to be moved to tears.

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