Resurrection of Jake The Snake Reporters

05 Nov 2015

Alfred Konuwa

The Resurrection of Jake The Snake is a tense, hour-and-a-half sojourn where wrestling icon Jake “The Snake” Roberts gets acquainted with Aurelian Smith Jr. (his real-life persona) Throughout this cautionary tale, which is mixed with poignant moments of triumph, it’s anybody’s guess which persona will outlast the other. Directed by Steve Yu, the documentary follows Jake Roberts as he moves in with fellow wrestling legend Diamond Dallas Page for an ambitious live-in rehab stint intended to save Roberts’ life. Page’s […]

10 Oct 2015

Justin Lowe

The film’s greatest virtue is certainly the raw, unguarded moments that Yu is able to capture while interacting with the wrestlers. Roberts’ sometimes violent emotional swings between anger, fear and hope and Page’s steadfast patience and support reveal a relationship that goes well beyond professional respect to affirm a bond of love and friendship that can withstand challenges even professional wrestlers hesitate to face.

10 Oct 2015

Robert Kojder

Hats off also go to director Steve Yu for wisely selecting what footage to use and what not to use, and also making the decision to not overburden the documentary with interviews from fellow wrestlers outside of the beginning and ending, which is where they do fit. It allows audiences to just get sucked into a very personal story of a friend and mentor doing everything he can to get the lives of his buddies back on track. I don’t […]

09 Oct 2015

Justin Barrasso

“I don’t have bad days any more,” explained Roberts. “You have to realize what I considered a bad day. When I woke up in the morning, I was depressed. But I’m not tormented like I was. I didn’t know I was suffering from depression, I just thought I needed a drink. “I deal with everything daily. I don’t let my emotions build up. I have emotions now. I cry, I get happy. For so many years, I would never be happy. […]

08 Oct 2015

Jake sets a goal for himself by declaring his intentions to wrestle in one of WWE’s biggest matches, the Royal Rumble. His desire to make this a reality serves as a central focal point because Jake’s path towards sobriety will be a never-ending one. The fact that Roberts has a clear-cut objective, abstinence from alcohol, makes you want to cheer him even more. The documentary is beautifully shot from the opening credits to the final frame. The film contains official […]

08 Oct 2015

John Ford

The three begin working together towards bettering their bodies and their lives: Hall comes to them in a wheelchair, and both Roberts and Hall have severely damaged family bonds. Though much progress is made in Page’s “Accountability Crib,” as he calls his home, Roberts and Hall still experience an occasional slip in their sobriety, which adds to the tension of the group and of the film. The Resurrection of Jake the Snake is a hard testament that we all grow […]

08 Oct 2015

Eric Volmers

While Roberts’ relationship with Page is at the centre of the film, the wrestler also has a few volatile exchanges with Yu captured on film. While Page was off on business trips, it’s up to the filmmaker — who studied economics at Cornell University and has no training in counselling — to keep an occasionally intoxicated Roberts in check. “Some people would say ‘weren’t you afraid he was going to beat you up?’” says Yu. “Well, he’s really kind of harmless. He’s not […]

08 Oct 2015

Chris Hill

What initially seems like an infomercial for DDP yoga quickly transforms into something much more important. Roberts and Hall were not some bottom card wrestlers they were main events that destroyed their personal lives as well as their bodies. To see two people that I have seen for so long redeem themselves, was far more moving than I imagined. Anyone who has dealt with people that are addicts or alcoholics will instantly relate to Roberts behavior.

08 Oct 2015

Ryan Brymer

All that is well and good and it makes for a fantastic film that I can’t recommend highly enough. But beyond all that, what I’ve taken away from the experience is looking more closely at the example of Dallas Page. While many of us have friends who are hurting and in need, it’s far too easy to simply say a kind word and never take any action. That wasn’t good enough for DDP. He couldn’t sit idly by and let his […]

08 Oct 2015

Ben Hansen

While wrestling has been known for cheesy, clichéd promos and child-motivating monologues, the encouragement that Dallas gives to these fallen heroes is heartfelt and sincere. His constant efforts to help them right themselves magnify his overwhelmingly positive attitude, which is one of the true motivating factors that keeps the fight alive between the wrestlers and their addictions. The self-belief that Dallas helps them find along the way is very genuine. Dallas’s treatment of Jake and Scott is akin to a […]